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Broad Comedy

For bookings call Tom at 406-586-1922

Written by Katie Goodman & Soren Kisiel

"If this irreverent, giddy, snarky, perky collage of satire, sketch 
comedy, and cheerleading doesn't make you laugh, then either you are incapable of laughter or you are Dick Cheney. Or, of course, both… Sharp writing, playful performances, and 
impeccable comic timing."
-The Boston Globe

"Katie Goodman brought down the house... brilliant!"
-The Comedy Central Insider

"Exuberant! Colossal entertainment value, induced by the joyously vulgar, smart writing and skillfully executed showmanship. Katie Goodman is a multi-talented, femme-extraordinaire!"
- Los Angeles Examiner

"Fierce, female, fabulous, and funny!"
-Eve Ensler, Author of The Vagina Monologues

Winner of The Best of the Vancouver Fringe Festival 

"The Dixie Chicks of American Sketch Comedy!"
-The Vancouver Province

"Broad Comedy will help you laugh at the bastards - thus 
lengthening your life and shortening theirs."
- Gloria Steinem 

"Bottom Line: Katie is funny!"
-Wayne Brady

-The Boston Herald

"These vaginas have balls!"
-Terminal City, Vancouver BC

"This is not your mother's generation of feminists!"

-Leslie Stahl, ABC's 60 Minutes .